Tuesday, February 6, 2007

cause of death

I've been getting some hits today due to searches for Danielle McCarthy.
The ME in Snohomish county released her cause of death yesterday.

From King5 in Seattle:

Puyallup teen died of ecstasy overdose

03:08 PM PST on Monday, February 5, 2007

KING5.com Staff

Danielle McCarthy

EDMONDS, Wash. - The Snohomish County Medical Examiner has determined that a 16-year-old Puyallup girl who died at a New Year’s Eve party in Edmonds fatally overdosed on ecstasy.

Danielle McCarthy's parents say police told them their daughter got sick while driving with a group from the party in Edmonds to one on Greek Row in the University District. The group drove back to Edmonds, where they laid Danielle down on a couch.

She had been dead for some time when she was dropped off, alone, at Stevens Hospital that morning.

Police are still investigating. Anyone with information in this case is asked to call Edmonds Police tip line at (425) 771-0212. Tips can be left anonymously.


Kristen Casten said...

You may need to add that they had a suspect.
her name is Donna.
and that danielle was puking vilolently, and then died.
when they noticed, before they tooke her to the hospital, they through her in their hot tub to warm up her tempurature.
the neighbors saw what was happening and sworn not to tell.
later the next day, they called it in.
The poeple in jail for women slaughter stripped Danielle and threw her out of the car in front of the hospital.
They just left her and drove off.
One of the girls that was caught, was on house rest for a little while. Wow. Big deal, i think that she should of been put in jail or ramen hall. She was high, and thats why she could not help Danielle. Everyone was high, no one could help her. If you ask me, she Donna should of got in WAY more trouble then she did. Oh yeah i just was high at the party, i couldnt do anything. I mean hello, you could of not taken her there, and say no to the ectasy. I saw the girl in the mall one day, and asked the girl if she knew how danielle died, she said she didnt no, and that she never really knew danielle... LIER!

Anonymous said...

wow...ur story is somewhat off.
her name is Dona...by the way.
and her and david morris didnt throw her out of the car. they carried her into the ER in towels and a comforter and said she consumed ecstasy and alcohal and had been unresponsive for about an hour...which was a lie. sh e had been unresponsive for like 4 hours.....and dona and david admitted to the cops about everything. no neighbors called it in...no one was on the run or anything.....ur one of those people who think u kno but u really dont.
did u even kno her?