Sunday, March 18, 2007

funny things they say

It's bath night for Maya, and I am here at the computer while she bathes and gets ready for bed. We have conversations during this time. Two funny things she said just within the past 15 minutes:

me: "I love your daddy" (cause he did something really nice for me just then).
funny look from Maya.
me: "aren't you glad I love your daddy?"
maya: "I never really thought about it."
me: "well, don't you think it's better than if I hated him or if we didn't live together?"
maya: "yeah, but I would like a 'dad's house'. If you guys weren't married, I would really like to have a 'dad's house'. I would."

Minutes later.

maya: "is tonight a school night?"
me: "yes."
maya: "I don't want to go to school anymore; can you email Mrs. F and tell her that I am going to be homeschooled from now on?"
me: "uh, no."
maya: "please... I really want to be homeschooooooled. Fine. I'll email her."
me: laughing
maya: "what's her email address?"

She is such a goofball.
Who is going to school tomorrow.

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