Monday, March 19, 2007


Okay, in this blog I am posting things I have wanted to blog about but will have to be brief.

Two weeks ago or so, I swear to god I saw one of my ex-boyfriends at my local mall. Funny because there is no way he and I should both be in that Target at the same time. He still lives in North Bend and I live, well, far away from North Bend. He is a significant ex-boyfriend (must save for another post), so it shocked me. I was on the phone with Wayne at the time. No, I didn't stop and talk to the ex. It's just so weird. And I'm just so... old. And about 35lbs overweight. Ugh.

That is the same Target where I ran into a girl I went to high school with; I dated her brother, and so our friendship did not end well. I was excited to see her, though. She seemed less than enthused. Oh well.

I want to take the kids to San Francisco. We thought we could go this past weekend but with Britt's play and my bday celeb at my parents' house, it just didn't work out. I want it to be spontaneous. We used to be so spontaneous, but not anymore.

The bible thumpers are going after my kid. Paige was approached by the youth leader for one of the bigger youth groups in our area. The kicker that has me riled up: she was approached AT SCHOOL. Someone apparently told him she needs to be saved, or maybe that is her interpretation. He just needs to leave her the hell alone. They can pray around the flagpole at school all they want, but just leave my kid alone. A lot of the kids that go to that youth group are all a bunch of freaking hypocrites anyway. Sex. Drugs. Drinking. Youth group is just another social event for them.

Brittani was in the school play Thurs and Fri. Run for the Money. It was a little strange because the director (teacher) made some script changes that totally changed the last half of the play. Brittani was awesome as Millie Floogee. I'd like to see her get more involved in dramatic arts.

Millie Floogee (L) and Lily Bastrop (R)

Lily (L) and Millie (R)

What else...

While I was out observing primate mating rituals in suburbia on Saturday, I could have been at the PBR!!!!!! I love PBR. Hey, at least it's not NASCAR. I've loved bull riding since I was younger and my parents would always take us to Omak. Damn but that was fun. There was even a time when I could not wait to get into the bar at Omak; of course, by the time I was old enough to go to the bar at the rodeo, I was not even interested in hanging out with cowboys. They do have this sexiness about them-- as long as they don't open their mouths. Well, unless it's one of the Brazilian cowboys. They can talk all they want. Anyway, I got interested in PBR again last year when TLC had their show Beyond the Bull, which focused on three riders:

JW who is a bit chauvinistic for my taste. Too Good Ol' Boy.
Brendon who is immature, stubborn and a little chauvinistic (not at all near JW's level, though). Oh and he is H-O-T. Australian, too, so he has a lovely accent. I will allow him to speak, too.
Adriano who I loved, loved, loved. Brazilian. Family man. Hot as hades.

But damn, the show didn't come back this year.

Okay, I have class tonight, and I have doula dilemmas. I will post about them later. Two more classes; new class begins in three weeks. Crazy. I have a reunion I need to get on like last week, too. Ugh. I am drowning in responsibility. I need a vaca.


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