Tuesday, March 13, 2007

my birthday

It was a low-key day.

I had too much to drink last night, which resulted in oversleeping (Wayne, Maya and me). We woke at 7:25, which is an hour later than my usual wake-up time. Totally hung over because I was tired, and I am old and don't metabolize my alcohol very well anymore. Maya had to be dressed, fed, and out the door by 7:55. Amazingly, we did it!

Got Maya off to school, crawled back in bed and watched The Departed. It was a good movie, but I'd been hearing such raves about it, I feel my expectations were too high. It was an excellent flick, though, and you should watch it. Jack Nicholson never disappoints, does he.

Wayne and I volunteered in Maya's class today, which was fun. The teacher seemed thrilled to have two adults helping her.

I am responsible for 2 dozen cookies for the teachers tomorrow, so I baked 1 dozen before we went to dinner and I am baking a dozen now.

Dinner at Anthony's, which is very tasty. It was a beautiful night, too, to eat dinner on the waterfront.

And my gifts from Wayne and the Girls (aside from being the absolute wonderful people that they are):

I saw this painting at Aaron Brothers, and I needed it for my family room. It looks awesome! I have it hanging over the couch, now all I need to do is paint my damn walls. It goes well with the colors I have in the room.

Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, how I have longed for you... For some reason, I have really wanted a Buddha for some time now, and Wayne picked a gorgeous Buddha. Paige had to tell me to quit rubbing his nipples. They are very...prominent. So, I took down my infinite reflections, which I was kind of tired of, and I put Buddha on the mantle. He looks...divine.

It's funny because I also have a fascination with Mary and rosary beads, but Wayne never feels inclined to indulge me when it comes to those things. How would I display rosary beads, anyway? I digress. As usual.

I also received a gift certificate to a nail place, so I can get "guilt-free" pedis (it will pay for at least 3 or 4 pedis), and a gift certificate to St. Arbucks for "guilt-free" coffee. My favorites!

I am gleeful!

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