Saturday, March 24, 2007


I thought today would be great. Maya has a bday party to go to from 2-4 right in our neighborhood. My plan? Drop her off, run to get a coffee and use one of my pedi gift certs. Ahhhh. One of the assignments for this week in our parenting class is taking time for yourself. It just seemed like a perfect plan.

Or not.

While Wayne was sleeping last night-- in preparation for his 4:30am departure-- Maya threw up massive amounts of stinky, chunky, um, chunks. Ew. So, for once, I did the clean up the puke, wash the mattress, the sheets and the kid routine by myself. Wayne offered to help, but I much prefer to be a martyr. No, he had a hard enough time getting to sleep. It was after midnight, and he needed to sleep.

She had one more bout of puking this morning, but she hit the bucket. Yea! My kid is weird; she always tries to talk while puking. Even when she was a baby and she couldn't talk, she would try to crawl away from herself while puking. It's very strange to watch.

Temp is 101.1, so no birthday party. No coffee for a much deserving mommy. No pedi. No "me" time. Just a sick kid who is going to spend all day being bored and wanting me to play store, school, or some weird imagination game she controls to the point that no improv on my part is tolerated. She is The Director.

I did record a couple classic films on the DVR last night.

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad which is one of those awesome movies with the mythological creatures. I remember watching it with my dad on Saturdays, when they had the Saturday afternoon movies on channel 11. I have always loved Sinbad.

The other movie, Jason and the Argonauts, was never as appealing to me because, well, Sinbad was just so awesome, but it's a perfect double feature for a sicky Saturday, don't you think?

I recorded both of those off of Monsters HD, which is a pretty cool channel.

I will blog later about week 2 of the parenting class; the guy I graduated with who died this week; my doula-ing dilemma.

Oh, and a Happy Belated Birthday to Laura.
I felt like shit yesterday (neverending fatigue), so I didn't send an email off or call. I felt so bad that I dreamed about it last night.


Renae said...

You felt bad because you didn't e-mail Laura??
Silly woman-- Laura can't read ;) Plus, I have NEVER remembered your children's birthdays, and in a sign that you are a better person than I am, I have never felt bad.
Laura loved her gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

shan said...

well, I felt bad I didn't email *you* on Laura's bday. It's kind of a big deal day for a mom, ya know.

I'm glad she liked her gifts. Maya was trying to convince us to let her keep the puppy instead of giving it to Laura. Greedy child.