Friday, March 30, 2007

the ick

We are on day 7 of sickness in my family. It has hit Maya, then Paige, who is still sick and now, as of last night, Brittani. I had a day of ickness in there, too, but I think that was wine and tequila induced.

I feel very...captive. I guess i could abandon my kids so I could get a pedicure or a facial or go shopping, all things that were on my agenda this week, but that just doesn't seem right. I hate when I am sick and I am still expected to get my own__________ (you fill in the blank). So I am here to make them tea with honey, get fresh ice water, monitor their temps, do bucket patrol and, if they are hungry, feed them. I even spent about 2 hours last night playing with paige's hair because she was feeling crappy and that makes her feel better. Like when she was 3.

Tonight my Niece and Nephew are staying the night, so hopefully they don't get sick, too. It's really going around. Wayne thinks it is this virus.

Oh, and have I mentioned how much I love DishNetwork? We have their HD-DVR, and they have such rad HD channels. Right now we are watching the pilot episode of Joan of Arcadia in hi-def. We also used to watch Dead Like Me in HD on HDNet. It is an awesome channel.

anyway. Lame, I know.


Angie said...

We have been sick here too. I was supposed to have a Partylite party on Wednesday, but G woke up puking and boo hoo I dont get my candle party for another 2 weeks now. Hope you all get well fast. Miss you.

Renae said...

Ummm... if you could leave the "ick" in Puyallup when you visit it would be great. We've got a vacation next week.