Wednesday, November 3, 2010


When a new neighbor moves in across the street from you, how would you greet them?  How would you welcome them to the neighborhood--the place where you have lived for 7+ years and have no intention of leaving for another 8 years?

Bake cookies and bring them over, still warm from the oven?

Create a "Welcome Wagon" basket with goodies and resources for the area?

Catch them up on all the great neighborhood gossip (while putting nothing but a positive spin on yourself and your family, of course)?

How about this idea:
While the new neighbors are trying to move furniture into their new home, have your daughter's boyfriend back daughter's Jeep into the new neighbor's Honda Civic parked on the street?


Welcome to Hillsboro!

Well, when this happened to us (Paige) last night, the neighbor lady apparently started yelling, "Call the fucking police!!!" to her husband (?) and mom/mil (?).  Oh great.
We're so not getting a Christmas card from our new neighbors this year.
Well, they did move into the cursed house in the 'hood.


Mistress of My Domain said...

See nobody in this family is cut out to live in a hood!

renae said...

I'm more worried about the woman immediately yelling about the F'ing police. From which hood did she move?