Friday, November 12, 2010

It hurts

I've been a nail-biter since I can remember.

People have tried to get me to stop time and again.  Nails are dirty.  I'll get sick.  I'll get appendicitis.  Chewed nails are ugly.
My parents even painted my nails with the icky stiff to make it taste gross when I chewed them.
I'm nearly 40 now, and I have yet to go long-term without chewing my nails.

Nights like tonight are hell for a nail-biter.  I can't stop biting them, but they hurt so much!  I chew through the pain, and then I'm left with red, swollen throbbing fingertips.

What benefit do I get from chewing my nails?  I have no clue.
Typing hurts, too.

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Renae said...

I do the same thing with my cuticles and I often wonder, just before I use my teeth to pull the cuticle away from my tender, about to be bleeding flesh, why I cannot leave a hangnail alone.
I've had to leave meetings to get a bandage.
I can be that way about flossing my teeth too. Now I'm convinced I need therapy.