Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey day prep

It's the night before Thanksgiving; there is snow on the ground, and the temperature isn't expected to get above freezing until tomorrow.  I'm sitting here watching a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel (Our First Christmas) cozy in bed while Wayne snores away (literally snoring: we both have sinus stuff going on, so we're very stuffy).

Brittani came home last night; Paige and Harrison are expected to arrive tonight.  Wayne and I finished shopping yesterday, so we have everything we need to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, which will be at our house again this year.  We've got the tables set up, tablecloths laid, furniture rearranged, dishes prepared to be washed.  Today we'll make sweet potato soup, macaroni and cheese, pecan pie and brownies, which are for my sister's birthday tomorrow.  Oh.  I did forget something: her birthday gift.  

This holiday will be a little weird for me.  First of all, my oldest two kids don't live with us anymore, so there's a new dynamic there: the "visiting for the holiday" dynamic instead of being there throughout the holiday season.  More obviously, the absence of my grandma this year.  She won't be bringing her pies, her sweet potatoes and her scalloped corn.  My aunt will be preparing those dishes this year.  

I know tomorrow is going to be a great Thanksgiving--assuming everyone can get here in the snow and ice!   


renae said...

I LOVE your grandma's scalloped corn. Next time I see you I will get the recipe. I hope your aunt does it justice.
Have a great Thanksgiving.

Sus said...

Aww :(
I fully expected a rhyming tale of the pre-Thanksgiving festivities à la the night before Christmas.