Sunday, November 14, 2010

what to say?

Teenagers are a pain in the butt.

When Brittani is here, the tensions run high.  She rarely comes over, which hurts our feelings, which makes us pissy.  It's almost easier when she doesn't come over because we don't have to pretend everything is peachy-keen while she's here and we're really seething.

I know that she's 18 and hasn't lived with her mom in 15 years, but she literally lives 1.5 miles away at her mom's house now; we never see her.  If we don't call or text her, we don't hear from her.

I keep telling myself that this is normal--Paige did kind of the same thing, but she did it to her dad while she was a senior in high school.

Brittani stayed one night this weekend, and that was the first night she's stayed here since September.

It's just so frustrating.

On the flip side, Wayne and I had a fabulous weekend despite Brittani's weird visit.

This week we're taking Maya to this on Tuesday.  Paige and Brittani living elsewhere puts a crimp into our weeknight (rare) date nights, but luckily Maya is now old enough to drag along. There will be swearing, but we're both okay exposing Maya to colorful language.  It will be a late night for her, but that's okay, too.  We're exposing her to culture!

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