Monday, November 8, 2010

great weekend

This weekend was great.


I am a spoiled brat who doesn't appreciate my very thoughtful husband.

Our tradition, ever since our first wedding anniversary, is to go to a secluded cabin that is private, gorgeous and just a great place.  Close by, so it doesn't take hours and hours to get to, and we're just lazy all weekend long.  It's great.

This year we were too broke for that cabin, and I was cool with that.  I knew Wayne was planning something, and he is a stellar planner.  I had no fear that this would be a great weekend.

When he pulled off the freeway into Seattle, I became a little concerned.  I am not a hang-out-in-the-city kind of person; my initial thought was, maybe we're taking a ferry somewhere?
He parks us in a garage and tells me to grab my backpack because we walk from there.  Huh?

Have you ever had that moment where you just get instantly bitchy?  It happened to me right about then in the garage.

We walked to a building on 1st Ave, where Wayne punched in a code to enter the building.
We entered, and it was a lovely old place.  We walked up a couple flights of stairs, checked in and we were shown to our room.

This is when things (I) got really ugly.  At the time, I thought he deserved my, um, honesty because he fucked up.  He didn't choose the weekend that I would have liked for him to choose.  I did not hold back.  It was pretty bad.

We went on to have an anniversary weekend unlike any we've ever had before, but it was a great weekend.

I don't know why I was so damn mad about his plans for our weekend.  The place we stayed was nice, and we had fun in Seattle.  

The best conclusion I can come to is that I am a brat.  I feel like shit for how I behaved; if he had reacted the way I reacted, if this was a weekend I had planned for us, I would have been hurt, livid and probably pretty devastated.

I finally got over my pissiness around lunchtime Saturday, and I think we were finally able to begin to enjoy our time together then.  We saw the Picasso exhibit at SAM, had lunch there as well, chocolates at Frans, walked around the Market, ate at some great restaurants, enjoyed the sunshine, walked around the city...  we did enough walking that my calf muscles are sore today!

I wish I could go back to Friday night and just embrace that the weekend wasn't going to be what I envisioned, but that I would accept it and just have fun.


Sus said...

...and here I was saoking in my own petty jealousy that your husband plans secret surprises for you. My hands are all pruney.

renae said...

Happy anniversary!

Mistress of My Domain said... sure are your mother's daughter! I'm sure that's exactly what you wanted to hear...