Thursday, November 9, 2006

18 Days

Paige turned 16 in August and is able to test for her driver's license on November 24th, but she has to wait until the 27th due to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

She has no job, and Wayne doesn't want her to have a job. I think she should, at the very least, work weekends. The child has a pretty high standard of living, and it keeps getting higher.

She wants a car, but I am so not inclined to gift her a car. Hell to the no, baby. She can be a sweet child, when things are going exactly how she wants them to go, but god forbid you ask her to:
  • wash her dirty towels (or at least pick them out of the middle of the hallway)
  • clean her own damn bathroom, which is just yucky.
  • do anything around the house that makes life comfortable for anyone but herself.
I want her to drive; no, I need her to drive because if she doesn't start transporting herself places, she's going to drive me crazy. She doesn't understand that we won't be able to get her the 2006 Jetta that she has her heart set on (cannot believe she even thinks she will get anything better than a beater car). Insurance will be more, definitely. Gas, maintenance. The child simply has no clue how much it costs to have a car.

It was a bit of a debate last night. The fact that these kids just assume that they deserve a car once they turn 16 is crazy! Is the gift of a car at age 16 their reward for, what, surviving? I picked Paige up from school today, and I passed kid after kid driving cute cars while talking on their cell phones with anywhere from 1-3 passengers in the car.

I'm leaning strongly towards no car for Paige; get a job on weekends, save money and we help pay for a car. It will be hard on her, but welcome to life as we know it. I'm not quite sure how she will work out seeing her dad on weekends, if she has a job.

Oh, and my overly-indulged, Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister wearing daughter, who spends a great deal of time each day straightening her professionally bleached hair has decided that she wants to be a teacher and to pay for her education, she will volunteer to teach in needy areas in the US and (hopefully) internationally. I hope she continues to aim for that as her goal, but I can't see her giving up the luxuries that surround her in her daily life. I would be very proud of her.

Anyway, Wayne is trying to blow the roof off our house. How can one person snore so damn loudly?

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