Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I have had seven inquiries about my class in two days. I can tell I'll be full by Xmas. Yay!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that people post a lot of recipes and photos of delish food on their blogs (bastards!), and I rarely cook. Well, thanks to the holidays-- and I guess my birth order-- I am a cooking fool this week. Today I made a three-layer carrot cake that is the moistest cake ever with a cream cheese frosting that is like biting into a cheesecake. It is the best frosting ever. The PTA is hosting a teacher appreciation dessert thing tomorrow, which is why I made the carrot cake. From scratch. Oh yeah, I'm in the motherf'in PTA, too. How bad-ass am I? Fuck yeah.

I also made chicken marsala, but it's so easy to make-- it just sounds like it would be complicated.

I still have to make squash soup, pecan pie and green bean casserole for Thanksgiving, which is Thursday, for those who don't live in the US o' A. Like, I never know when Canada celebrates Thanksgiving. I didn't even know they did until a few years ago. Did pilgrims land there, too?

Anyway, while I am working away on three different dishes, my younger sibs, who are both now in their 30's, are bringing lame stuff like cheese and crackers. Puh-leeze!

Speaking of pilgrims, I was watching the Mayflower show that aired on the History Channel (damn, I sound old!). It was good-- so far. I still have to watch about half of it. When I watch shows like that, it becomes so obvious to me how ignorant I am about American history. There's just so much to remember! I should be grateful I don't live in Italy or something and have to learn Italian history-- now that is really so much to remember.

We got a sauna today. I can't wait to use it, but first we must create a space for it. In the garage. Right here:

Yeah, we have to clear all that out. We rented a U-Haul to get the task done (Saturday), and I'm listing stuff on 2 Good 2 Toss.

And the floor that used to look like this:

now looks like this:

The walls are green now, too, which is hard to see in the pictures. Where there once was carpet, now lies tile. I love it, love it,love it! I am ready to tile the kitchen, but Wayne is so not there yet.

I love this angle (below)-- too bad I was too lazy to move the broom and the vacuum attachment out of the way. Oh well. You can see a little bit of my new favorite sucker, too (my Dyson). Laundry room is to the left and powder room on the right.

I am quite proud of how it turned out.

Well, I am going to go see my husband, who has made himself scarce around here the past 5 days due to his two jobs (he's clocked about 88 hours in the past 5 days--straight).

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