Thursday, November 2, 2006

Partying all night!

Okay. Not really.
I am so freaking exhausted right now.
Maya came down with a cold last night around 1:30 in the morning. She was up all night-- in our bed. When she wasn't asking for tissues, medicine, water or the bathroom (or just shoving her fingers in my armpit), Wayne was snoring so loud that I couldn't get any sleep. Then his damn phone starts vibrating, which he missed, and so it vibrated every few minutes for several hours. He was impossible to awaken, for some reason. Note that he slept while I dealt with Sickie Maya.

I am a cranky bitch today; I can feel it.

Last night we watched Click. It was kind of cheesy and predictable, but it was good. Maya cried.

I have two teenagers, Paige:16 & Brittani: 14, so I know how quickly your children's childhood passes by. You think you want it to go by so fast-- get done with the clingy baby stage, the nursing all the time, the neediness, the attitude that comes waaaayyy too early in their lives, the general, "I have to put myself on the backburner" feeling that happens while parenting-- but then it's gone. Kids hit an age when you are not The Shit. They hit an age, usually prepubescent, when they want less to do with mom & dad and more to do with their friends. It's normal and natural-- how else would you ever get them to leave the nest--but it makes one wish for more time with their kids when their kids actually wanted to spend time with them.

It makes me sad when I see parents who, like I did, try to rush their kids through childhood or try to find any opportunity to spend less time with their kids because it's gone before you know it, and you can never get it back. I try to tell parents, as I was told, to enjoy your children today. It can be hard; I know. Trust me, angelic children have not been borne from my womb, and there were days where I thought I was going to kill someone (myself, usually).

All that said about enjoying your children, Wayne and I are going to enjoy ourselves without our children this weekend. That's important, too, btw. It is our anniversary (2 years married & 10 years together)!

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