Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Wayne and I performed our civic duty and put forth our ballots yesterday. We vote by absentee, and I deposited my ballot into the local drop box yesterday. I reminded Wayne several time to get his done, and he got his done in about half an hour or forty-five minutes after work.

He was putting his ballot into his secrecy envelope and then into the main envelope, which includes his name and address, and he signs and dates the envelope.

Well, as he was signing, he realized he had my envelope. I signed and turned in his envelope. I assume this means our well-thought votes are null and void. Dammit. He dropped his ballot off anyway.

Well, I awoke this morning to wonderful news:
  • Nancy Pelosi is the new Speaker-- the first woman to hold this position!
  • Maria Cantwell won (yea!)
  • Hillary won by an overwhelming majority. Hillary in 2008
  • Rummy is his-tor-yyyyyy. Happy dance!
I hope Darcy Burner will beat Dave Reichert. This morning, it was too close to call.

Other stuff:

My grandpa had surgery to remove his parathyroid yesterday. Recovery is slow but steady, my grandma said.

I bought the paint for our powder room and will, hopefully, be starting our painting and tiling of our powder room, laundry room and mud-area tomorrow. I think I'll start pulling up molding today. Yeah! Demo work!

This is the tile:

Originally, we were only going to tile the bathroom and later the laundry room. The project has since expanded. Of course.

Wish us luck with our DIY project; we've never done DIY before. We may be bruised and bloodied by the time we're done.

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