Friday, November 10, 2006

Damn! Almost missed a day!

My internet was down all day today, which pretty much sucked for the whole family.
I had a candle party tonight, which was lovely. I miss so many of my friends; we get so busy with kids and mundane daily life that friendships take a backseat. It was great to reconnect. if only briefly.

Anyway, my friend and candle lady, Cassie, told me that ever since they started using a particular wireless modem (or whatever), they have problems connecting to the internet. We happen to have bought that same wireless modem, so I tried her tip (to disconnect the modem and reconnect it), and now I have internet. yea!

I painted and ran kids around all day, and now I am slightly inebriated. Damn you, red wine. Pinot noir. I have to get the kidlet to bed and resume painting. Consider this my slightly drunk post for the day.


Shan said...

Red wine is the devil.

shan said...

That, it is. And it never fails to leave me with a killer headache the next day. But it tastes sooo good.