Sunday, November 5, 2006


I am back and able to post from the comfort of my own home-- not while parked in front of a grimy gas station. Mobile posting, while convenient, isn't easy. Wayne has a Treo, and I am just not comfortable using it. He's on that thing so damn much that I have started calling him Paris. I feel all fat-fingered when I use it.

Our anniversary was wonderful. It rained the entire time, which is fine with us. We had our spa appointments yesterday, and it was, as usual, awesome. I am so happy that I live here in the PacNW because it really is the most beautifulest place to live.

Oh, and really cool: I got a new Nano. Pink. My Mini got fried somehow or other. I am in the process of d/l new iTunes software now.

Okay, so I was getting a pedi on Friday before we left, and I was reading the November issue of my favorite magaine: Vanity Fair. I love VF because it has lengthy articles that I am unable to read in one sitting, but it also satisfies my disturbing fascination with all things celebrity. I love Graydon Carter's editorials, too. He knows how to say exactly what I think.

Well, there I am in the lovely pedi chair, getting my feet scrubbed, nails filed, feet and legs massaged (oh, so nicely massaged), and I am reading this article, Rules of Engagement. The article had me squirming in the pedi chair; I truly felt like jumping up and out of there. I wanted to discuss the article with the woman who was doing my pedi, but she barely spoke English, and I speak no Vietnamese. I was seriously ready to cry.

I think that we, our military, doesn't need to be over in Iraq right now. The time to leave has come and gone, but we are still there. They, the men and women of our country, are still there. It makes me sad to think of the things they endure while in Iraq. It saddens me to think of the things they are forced to do to others to preserve their own lives. A person cannot help but to become changed while in war.

I haven't finished the article yet, but I am almost finished. The photog whose photos are in the article has a website, too; his name is Lucian Read (coolest name ever). You can see photos of Marines in Iraq here. Some of the men that are mentioned in the article are pictured there. You can see some of the portraits of Kilo company here. If those don't work, try here.

One of the guys from the article, James Crossan, is from the town where I went to high school. He's so young. They're all so young.

I am going to finish that article now with my tissues at arm's reach.

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Jippy said...

My son was born in Pac NW. I miss it up there. His dad was in the military. I am still agaisnt the war. I don't understand the machine of American politics.