Saturday, November 11, 2006

renovation continues

Okay, now I know why we usually hire people to do all the work around our house. DIY is over-rated. Highly over-rated.

We are on Day Three of our bathroom/mudroom/laundry room renovation. Wayne is working on zero sleep in 42 hours, and he is busting his ass. He was under the house today (always good times!), since we had to replace a section of subfloor that had water damage. He replaced that, which took hours, and now he is putting down the hardibacker for the tile. Painting is nearly done; I have two walls and edges that need a second coat. We are hoping that tiling can begin tomorrow afternoon.

I'm working with a mild hangover, so I've been hoping for Wayne to collapse in exhaustion all day, so I can sleep, too. But no, he's so fucking determined to get the hardibacker done, at the very least. He promises that after that, we can soak in the hot tub. yea.

Paige has two friends over tonight, and Brittani has one friend over. It's been busy around here today, and poor Maya was pretty much ignored and played with her Little Ponies all day. She is really good at entertaining herself, thank god.

We have no washer and dryer for an unknown length of time. In fact, the washer and dryer are sitting on our front porch! So white trash. I wonder if we will get a letter from the HOA.

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