Friday, November 17, 2006

big meanies

Cops have been in my thoughts for two days now. Not constantly just passing annoyed thoughts.

There was THIS article in my local paper. I don't actually live in Tacoma, and there is most definitely a reason why I don't (won't) live there: I have three kids, and I have the option to live elsewhere. However, I think it is completely out of line for a Tacoma police officer to blow off the citizens of the city that employs him (or her). I can only imagine the citizens' frustration.

Then there was THIS FOLLOW UP article.

Really, is everyone just supposed to up and leave Tacoma, the third most populated city in Washington, simply because it's Tacoma? Tacoma, the land of gangs,within Pierce county, the meth capital of the western US. It's an urban area and has all the features and flaws of any urban area across the US. It's probably much quiter than most cities. There is crime, and police, for whatever my opinion is worth, should be working to forge relationships with stewards of the community rather than dismissing their concerns.


Then there was this video from UCLA. I know this kid was being disorderly or whatever. he was breaking the rules, pushing the enevelope, but he seemed to be trying to leave until they tased him over and over. I love how the students stand a safe distance back but are definitely trying to defend the guy. I like how the cop, towards the end of the video, says to one guy, "stand back or you'll get tased." They wave those things around like it's no big deal. Ugh. They need to take my friend's effective parenting class.

This video shows student reactions to the video. One kid says that the guy deserved it because he didn't follow the rules. Since when did not following the rules justify tasing? There was a time when civil disobedience was somewhat respected. We won't react until you act. That time has so passed us by. I just wonder: how easy is it to get up and walk away after being tased? They kept yelling at him to stand up. I don't think that would be very easy, but I've never been tased.

Tangent, sort of.

When I was in my twenties, I listened to a local radio station that played Crimestoppers PSAs, and they guy who read the details of the Crimestoppers cases was "Officer Lee Giles." He was always very Dragnet-y in his voiceovers. There was even a major radio dj duo who had a character based off of Officer Giles (at least that was what I always thought).

We were in South Carolina for a good two weeks in August, and when we came back to town, once we got over our denial of the end of vacation, we started reading the newspaper again. I was shocked to come across a story about Officer Lee Giles. Blows my mind.

I am off to catch up on Nip/Tuck.

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