Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Randomly Before I Go

On our way home from The Mountain this weekend, I took some pictures. It was raining, so wayne held an umbrella over my head as I walked around and took photos. I felt like P. Diddy, or whatever he goes by these days.

Alder lake, where we went camping this summer, is drained or whatever. I guess it's probably dammed up. Anyway, here are some pics of the lake stumps.


Rae said...

Thanks for linking me in, fuckstick! Sitemeter OUTED you! lol

Shan said...

Hi, I was just visiting your site from the main NaBloPoMo list. I just happened to pick yours at random. Would you believe I am a Shan as well. I have two daughters, Abby is 4 and Maya is 9 months old. Yep, I have a Maya too. Weird, huh?

Teena said...

What gorgeous pix!