Friday, November 17, 2006


I apologize for my lamest of blogs over the past several days. It's been hell week, but now it is (almost) over. Yea!

Ever since the girls (Paige and Brittani are The Girls) were little, we have, on occasion, taken them out of school for various activities: the fair, the beach, the tulip festival, the movies. It's harder now that they are older because they have after school activities and to miss classes isn't as easy as it was in 4th grade. Now there is major make-up work to be done when they miss a class.

The three of us decided we wanted to see Marie Antoinette together, but it is really being pulled from theaters, I assume due to low ticket sales. I was going to take the girls out of school last week, but Brittani was sick for, like, three days, so she couldn't miss anymore school. We decided to go to the movie this week, Thursday(Yesterday), instead. It was after school because they each had their clubs that they participate in on Thursdays.

Brittani and I had some time alone before picking up Paige, and it was good. She's been in a mellow phase lately. The lying seems to have decreased-- that or we aren't as good at catching her as we once were. She and her BF broke up Wednesday. She said she felt good about it but that he was really sad. She feels free, so I told her it must have been the right decision. I'm happy for her. She made a good decision and she didn't get her heart broken. She said dating this one boy has been affecting her grades, and he's too clingy. I told her it was mature of her to see her grades slip and to take action to remove her distraction.

Paige and I, of course, got into an argument before entering the theater because that's what we do. That is our dynamic, and no matter how hard I try to change it, she still continues to want to have that dynamic. She's well-trained, I guess. Our fight this time was over Tolo. I am no longer funding her dances because she acts like a Royal Bitch to me anytime around a dance. It isn't worth it, to me, to drive her everywhere to get whatnot done to her hair, nails, etc, find her the perfect outfit/shoes, accessories to only be treated like a big steamy pile of crapola. I. Am. Done. She's old enough to get a job to fund her own extravagances.

The movie was great. Paige and I loved it, but Brittani, in her post-break-up status, thought it was too depressing. I can see that, too. It was sad.

Paige and I were talking about the trend back in the day of wearing powdered wigs and powdered faces. The big dresses. Who decided that was trendy? Who decided to sway away from women wearing dresses? I know nothing about fashion history, but I would guess the "women must wear dresses" rule died during WWII. But even before that, poofy had deflated. I say, bring back the poofy dresses with corsets that accentuate the cleavage. I'd have killer cleavage in something like that, and it would hide the cellulite in my legs and the wideness of my ass. Oh, and the shoes in the movie-- gorgeous.

I'm not even a shoe person, but who could resist shoes that look like confections?! Delish!

Marie Antoinette is a very pretty film. Kirsten Dunst was perfectly vapid in her role as MA. There really wasn't any depth to the film, but it was so easy on the eyes.

I need to read the book now. I love biographies.

When I got home, Wayne and I grouted the tile. Yeah, baby. Now my life can continue normally. I will post pictures after we get the new sink/vanity in.

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