Monday, November 27, 2006

i'm a lucky girl

I got my two hour delay today. I was so happy. So, so happy.
It snowed last night (or this morning-- I was sleeping), and it barely dusted the ground, which was enough to keep me warm in my bed until 8:30am.
It was delightful.
It is snowing, again (turn to Monday Night Footbal, if you want proof!), so we may have another two hour delay tomorrow. I am absolutely gleeful.

I'm totally ready for Winter Vacation. Unlike a lot of parents, I love when my kids are out of school. I hate schedules and being in school requires some degree of scheduling, which stresses me out.

What else...

Oh, my powder room is finally finished. We put back the molding; we hung the mirror, secured the sink to the wall and put in a new towel rack and toilet paper holder. I even bought new hand towels: light brown, light purple and sage-y green. Nice.

I have pictures of the completed room, but i need to upload them on my other computer, which is in use by one or more of the kids right now.

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